Ice Sculptures

One of our owners, Chef Jeff Simpson, is a master at carving ice sculptures. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Jeff worked at several Grand Hyatt Hotels both cooking and making ice carvings for conventions, weddings, buffets, cocktail parties, etc. Before he left the Hyatt Corporation to start Delectables with Chef Nick Adams, Jeff was offered a full-time Ice Carving Position in a Grand Hyatt that had a large convention business.

At Delectables, Jeff continues his art, sculpting ice into artistic shapes that continue to impress and amaze guests.

Many of our weddings packages include one of Jeff’s carvings at no extra charge.

Of course, Jeff would be happy to provide your event with one-or more-carvings.
Even if you don’t buy food from us, if you just want an ice carving, we can probably supply your wishes.

Here are just a few of his creations for you to enjoy. More pictures are available in our office. Call 727-781-1200 to view more of Chef Simpson’s work.

Please Note: All ice carvings are cloudy when pulled from the freezer. They clear as they sit in room temperature air.

Notes on Ice Carvings

Ice carvings look their best when illuminated from behind, and all of our carvings include use of a light. Therefore, it’s best to position your carving along a wall near an AC outlet, never in the middle of a room, nor next to a folding wall.

Ice carvings are very heavy (single block carvings run 300-400 pounds!) and a sturdy table is required. Ice carvings are placed into a special pan and a hose runs to a bucket under the table to collect drips. However, the exterior of the pans get wet from condensation, so a commercial waterproof table top is required-we will not place an ice carving on personal furniture! Delectables cannot be held responsible for damage to tables or floors caused by condensation, drips, leaks, or any water emanating from an ice carving, its container or associated elements.

If you purchase a carving without our catering services, you need several (3-5) strong people to lift the carving into position at the time of delivery. Delivery fees pay for delivery to the building where the event will occur, and do not include setup of the ice carving. Delivery fees (the same as food delivery) apply to carvings purchased without catering services. Any damage or breakage after removal from the truck is strictly your responsibility. If you purchase an ice carving without our catering services, you need to have 40-50 pounds of ice cubes (and some regular table salt) available to fill the ice carving pan after the carving has been placed into the pan, as they will freeze together to stabilize the carving. You will need some fabric material or other product to cover the sides of the drip pan, and you will also have to have someone periodically empty the bucket of water during the event.

If you obtain catering services and an ice carving for the same event, there is no delivery fee, and we supply the ice cubes and salt, and will empty the bucket as needed.