Employment at Delectables Fine Catering

Delectables Fine Catering is always on the lookout for great new employees, especially servers.

If you wish to E-mail our staffing person, click here.

But PLEASE read the information below before contacting our staffing person, thanks!

 Servers are part-time employees at Delectables

The most frequent need for servers is on Saturday afternoons and evenings.

The next most frequently worked periods are Friday afternoons and evenings, and Sunday afternoons and evenings.

Other time periods have infrequent employment, except in December, when there may be employment possibilities any day.

A typical event lasts 7-9 hours.

 The catering business is seasonal in our area

Lots of help is needed in the Fall (October through December), and in the Spring and early Summer months.

There is very little work July through September. Thus, we do not hire extra help in the summer.

But working for Delectables is a great way to make some cash for summer vacations and for Christmas.

Server Duties

All of our work is off-site catering, so server duties include the following:

  • If the event is a buffet, you may help stock the buffet with pans of hot or cold food.
  • If the event has butler passed hors d’ oeuvre, you may pass appetizers from small trays to guests.
  • If the event is a sit-down event, you may help place food onto plates in a rapid, sanitary and neat manner, and you may be asked to carry serving trays with 4-8 dishes of food on them from the kitchen to the serving floor. If you do not feel you can carry these trays, that’s OK, as we also need people to take the plates off the trays and place them in front of the guests.
  • Helping to unload the truck that carried the food, plates, linens, glassware, decorations, etc. to the event.
    Setting tables with linens, china, glasses, flatware, etc.
  • Arriving at the party site, which can be anywhere in Pinellas or Hillsborough counties, and occasionally in surrounding counties, on time and ready to work.
  • You may help with filling water glasses, coffee cups, etc.
  • You will help with cleaning up the event hall or home after the event, including carrying bags of trash, scraping plate of food, carrying boxes of dirty plates, sweeping, etc.
  • You will help with reloading the truck after the event.
  • You will work in regular street clothes (shirts, slacks, shorts or jeans, walking shoes, etc. {no flip flops or sandals}) to unload and load the truck and setup and take down the party.
  • You will need to change to the appropriate attire, as specified for the party, for serving duties.

We have three serving outfits.

By far the most common attire is our Formal serving attire:

  • Black Oxford cloth long-sleeve shirt
  • Black slacks (not black jeans)
  • Respectable men’s tie
  • Black shoes
  • Black bistro apron (available for a nominal fee).

This attire is specified 90% of the time. The use of the tie is up to the customer, so always have one available.

Second most common is our Casual Tropical attire: A Hawaiian-style shirt, and khaki slacks or a skirt.

Occasionally, we wear our Informal attire, which is a black polo shirt, and black or khaki slacks or skirt.

Most of our events are indoors, but we have some outdoor events as well.

Still interested in working for Delectables? You are just four simple steps away!

1. E-mail or call our Staffing Coordinator (727-781-1200) for an appointment. Best time is mid-day Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Click HERE to download a printable application and HERE for our employee manual. Fill it out and bring it with you to your appointment. You can also get an application in the office.

3. You will also need a completed W-4 form. You can get one HERE or in the office.

4. In addition to these forms, you will need 2 (Two) forms of identification from this list:

Social Security Card
Drivers License or State ID card
MIlitary ID card
Birth Certificate