We love catering sports events. High energy, exciting events where we get to match the spectacle with our unique catering creations, and really add to the occasion. There are always high expectations at these events and we know that we always more than meet them.

We have worked with Ironman and Iron Girl World Championships, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just to name a few. Each of these events were very inspiring, and we know that our food and its presentation was definitely a contributing factor.

Making people happy with food is our passion. Being part of events like these and getting a chance to demonstrate our skills and contribute to something that is so uplifting and inspiring is something that likewise inspires us.

These events take a lot of organization and a lot of hard work, so to see them be so successful, and to hear the positive feedback from those who attend, is something that we love.

We always maintain the highest possible standards, both in our food creation and presentation, and in our event planning and coordination, and this pays off. People recognize when you love what you do – they can see it in your work; we aim to communicate this with every job that we do.