Delectables rents a variety of tables and chairs to help make your event a success!

Click here for Table and Chair Rental Prices and Details

36”, 48”, and 60” Round Tables $8.50 each
6’ or 8’ Banquet (rectangular) Tables $8.50 each
6’ Bar Table Setup, complete $28.00 (this includes the table, risers, bar top, tablecloths and skirting)

White Garden Chairs $3.00 each
Brown Vinyl Chairs $1.50 each

Round White Linen Tablecloths $12.00 each
Banquet Table Cloths $8.00 each

Other Items
Chafers, Coffee Urns, and other Catering Equipment is also available for rent. Please call 727-781-1200 for more information.

Delivery Fees for Table & Chairs
Dunedin, Oldsmar, Largo, Clearwater, Holiday, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, etc. $30.00 delivery.
Clearwater Beach, Port Richey, Trinity, New Port Richey, etc. $40.00 delivery.
Odessa, Pinellas Park, Tampa, Hudson, Seminole, St. Pete, Beaches South of Clearwater, etc. $70.00 delivery.
Spring Hill, Brandon, Zephyrhills, Lutz, etc. $90.00 delivery.
Lakeland, Dade City, Land O’Lakes, Brooksville, Apollo Beach, etc. $140.00 delivery. Minimum rental quantity required. Please call 727-781-1200 for information.

Optional: If you wish, we will set-up your tables and chairs items according to your prepared drawing. Scale drawing required at time of ordering. Set-Up Fee: $1.50/Table and $0.50/Chair.


Laying Out Tables & ChairsTable layout

You need to make a scale drawing of where and how you want tables laid out. Most venues will provide you a drawing of their facility.

Minimum Layout parameters are:
60” round tables with chairs require a 10’x10’ area, and require a 120” round tablecloth. 60” tables seat 8 comfortably.
48” round tables with chairs require a 9’x9’ area, and require a 108” round tablecloth. 48” tables sit 5 comfortably.
36” round tables with chairs require a 8’x8’ area, and require a 90” round tablecloth. 36” tables seat 4, period.
Please remember to allow room for servers to place tray stands, to serve your guests from.

Hint: It’s best to layout your tables as shown, instead of in grid pattern. It makes moving around easier for guests and servers.


Miscellaneous Information on Rentals & Linens

Our usual procedure for weekend events is to deliver rentals on Friday, and retrieve them on Monday. We strongly prefer not to deliver or pickup on Saturdays.

If only a couple of tables or bar setups are required, we may be able to include these with a large enough catering order and eliminate a delivery charge. Chairs or more than a couple of tables are NEVER sent with a catering order!

There is an extra charge of $50 if we have to move rental items up and down more than 1 step.

There is a $100 extra charge for same-day delivery and pickup.

There is always a rental delivery fee, unless it just a couple of items that we can include on our truck with your catering order, or unless your pick up the items from our shop.

We do not offer Sunday delivery, pickup, or return service. We need a day off too!

If items are to be stored or used outside, you are required to have a covered storage area available, in case of weather problems.

Rental items are not to be exposed to rain, dew, spray, mist, hail, splashes, sprinklers, hoses, or any other form of water under any conditions! Like all rental agreements, you are responsible for the items you rent, and are required to return them in the same condition as you received them.

If chairs need to be moved from one location to another (for example, to use the same chairs for a ceremony and reception) there is a $0.40 per chair charge.

If a site inspection is required, the minimum fee is $35.00, and can go higher, depending upon distance from Delectables Catering.

We do not rent 60” round tables to residences for liability reasons. Exception: if they are for use in an outdoor tent and we can back our truck up very close to the tent.

Linens are available for rental, but may take a few days to arrange-please call ahead if you want linens.